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This unfinished suite represents the unfinished society, in which we allow ourselves to live. The holes, the cracks, the difficult to cross canyons, the incomplete communities, the broken families, and lost hope. It was left incomplete to reflect the incompleteness of equality, of the American dream, the incompleteness of life, all of the important things which we leave unfinished. 

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EP Release - 3'sung


When Toronto artist, Andrew Forde conceptualized the production of ‘3’ sung’ it was to capture iconic moving images through music. This led to dialogues between cinema innovator Evert Houston (Blueprint Cinematic) and Forde. The result is an inspired evolution of live music. New story through sound. Abundant, reckless, soothing, delicate, agile; 3'Sung is the beginning of its own modern mythology.


When the cosmos aligns, and a final love is forged, the isles of your beloved become the entirety of your existence.

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Andrew, an award wining violinist and acclaimed composer, creates art and compositions that speak to the consciousness of the human family. His most pressing concern is to create meaningful work.

He has performed for Presidents (Clinton & Bush Jr.) and with some of the biggest names in popular music: Shad, Mary J Blige, Sting, Justin Bieber, Sheryl Crow, Akon, Pitbul, Kardinal Offishall, and Fresh Wes. His talents have also been seen and heard on television. Andrew has had his work premier at the Tribeca Film Festival, appear on MTV, CBC, and has composed for various television and commercial projects.

Having found his voice in creating projects that are renowned for their ability to connect with audiences, Andrew is focused on creating work that engages the audience’s intellect, while speaking to their hearts. 

Andrew began learning the violin at the age of 4, after a year-long commitment to a violin his sister made for him out of paper plates, paper towel rolls, and elastic bands. First exposed to the violin at the age of 3 while watching the New York Philharmonic perform, he instantly developed a fascination for the violin- a love began to brew. Finally, after a year of bringing his sister’s creation everywhere, he was granted a violin on his 4th birthday, beginning lessons a few weeks later.

Boosting numerous awards, including Best Performance in Violin from the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music. Under the direction of virtuoso violinist and teacher Martin Bazarian, Andrew Forde has developed a musical style and interpretation that is renowned for its ability to connect with audiences.

Gifted with the virtue of music at a young age, Andrew Forde’s father, a multi-instrumentalist, exposed Andrew to sound, teaching him how to play by ear, while his mother taught him to keep an open mind and imagination. Now equipped with style, musicality, improvisation and creativity, Andrew Forde has embarked on the long journey of using genres as ingredients to create a unique multifaceted sound.